How Betalins Help With Inflammation

Betalins are powerful and rare antioxidants that can reduce inflammation in the body. They are barely used because they are only available in rare plants that are found in specific countries such as Vietnam. They are more than twenty five different types of betalins available that help in curing everything from inflammation to anti aging. They are also used by ...

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Nopalea Scam

nopalea fruit juice

I’ve noticed that lots of people are searching online for information regarding some Nopalea scam. Since I have plenty of personal experience in dealing with health supplement scams, I thought I’d weigh in with my own personal opinions after using Trivita Nopalea. About eight years ago I started having some health issues that affected my quality of life. Although my ...

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Nopalea Side Effects

It is always very important to consider the different side effects, adverse reactions and contraindication of things we introduce into our bodies, may it be prescription pills or over-the-counter medication. So, even if Nopalea is a natural type of supplement, open yourself to the possibility that it may still have side effects. You may not experience them now, but Nopalea ...

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