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The Powerful and Protective Nutrients of Nopal Cactus fruit

Sure, Nopalea tastes great and it offers many astonishing benefits. However, you may not know about one of Nopalea’s very special “secrets.” This breakthrough wellness drink contains a unique class of nutrients called Betalains. Betalains are bioflavonoids in the Quercetin family.

A bioflavonoid is a vitamin-like substance that works alongside antioxidants like Vitamin C. They are useful in helping us make collagen so our skin looks young and in strengthening blood vessels so we don’t easily bruise.

Bioflavonoids help us resist allergies and infections from bacteria and viruses. They are also anti-inflammatory.

Nopal Cactus fruit

How Quercetins help fight deadly toxins

Quercetins are found in foods we eat every day such as apples and onions. They are important in medical science because high intake of Quercetin-containing foods results in low incidence of cancer and heart disease. Betalains are “grandchildren” of Quercetin. But Betalains are orphans.

None of the plant species related in their development exist anymore; they have all gone extinct except beets, rainbow Swiss chard and Nopal fruit – plants that are not even “distant cousins” in the world of fruits and vegetables.

However, all 24 known Betalains are very important for human health. That is especially true today because they are all anti-toxin and anti-inflammatory. Wouldn’t you agree that our world is becoming more and more toxic? Environmental experts report dramatic increases in disease-producing toxins in air, water and soil. Toxins produce inflammation, and most of the diseases we face start with inflammation: Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Betalain content develops in response to the environment in which the plant grows. The more extreme the climate, the more protective Betalains the plant needs to survive – and the more benefits we get when we eat them!

So, while we may get a few precious Betalains from beets and rainbow Swiss chard, we get the greatest abundance (all 24!) from the specific Nopal fruit found in the Sonoran Desert.

Learn about the nutritional benefits of Nopalea – Nopal Cactus drink.

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