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Nopalea Juice Side Effects

Many people have become very fond of the drink Nopalea Juice but are concerned about its side effects.

This “wonder drink” has been on the market for a few years now and has been the go to when it comes to losing weight, reducing old age, and generally having a tasty drink on hand.

Even with all the accolades it has received consumers are still leery as to its health benefits and risks. They wonder about the side effects of Nopalea Juice. As with any new supplement that you introduce into your body there will be effects that may not always agree with you.


You must first know your body before you undertake a new product such as Nopalea. Each person’s body may react differently so this is a list of possible side effects:

Frequent urination
Loss of appetite
Allergic reaction
Minor weight loss

With the exception of the minor weight loss ( which is one of the reasons people take this in the first place) some of these side effects may be a little more than one may want to handle.

The good thing about it is that because Nopalea Juice is a detoxifier these are common side effects and they typically pass in the first few days. Your body has to recognize that a new substance is being introduced and adapt. Once it has done that your system should go back to normal.

As far as allergic reactions are concerned, knowing the ingredients of nopalea is going to be your best defense.

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