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Nopalea Juice from Trivita: Keep Your Cells Healthy and Happy

If you are experiencing chronic pain due to inflammation, and traditional medicines haven’t been working, give Nopalea a try – it could be your miracle solution! This wellness drink is made from the extracted juice of the Nopal cactus, whose beneficial properties come vetted by the indigenous people of the Sonoran Desert, who have sworn by this plant’s healing powers for centuries.

In a nutshell, Nopalea is full of Betalain (or Bioflavanoid) antioxidants, which help the body reduce inflammation and flush out toxins. Besides its ability to reduce swelling in your muscles and joints, Nopalea can also help fight premature aging by restoring your cells to a healthy state.

The drink’s active antioxidant can also be found in beets or Rainbow Swiss chard, but you might not relish the idea of tasting those vegetables every day. Even if you drank beet puree on a regular basis, you wouldn’t be ingesting as many Bioflavanoids as the Nopal fruit can offer.

Trivita Nopalea

In fact, this wonder fruit can contain all 24 existing kinds of the antioxidant, while beets can’t manage more than six; Rainbow Swiss chard has 12 Bioflavanoids. Wouldn’t you rather drink something more powerful, naturally sweetened by Agave nectar?

TriVita, the company responsible for Nopalea, suggests drinking 3-6 ounces a day to start your anti-inflammation regimen. If you decide to take part in their Wellness Challenge, which asks you to drink Nopalea for 30 days straight, you’ll receive a questionnaire to help evaluate your primary sources of pain.

Fill it out before your first taste of Nopalea, and you’ve got a document by which to assess your healing progress over time.

TriVita’s Chief Science Officer, Brazos Minshew, urges you to consider pains you wouldn’t immediately associate with inflammation, like insomnia, and to write that down, too – the true culprit could be surprising.

By now, you’re probably wondering: “Where can I buy Nopalea?” Available online for $39.99 a bottle, TriVita’s website also offers first-time buyers a 4-pack option, starting at $119.99. Whether you suffer from high blood pressure, allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or general lethargy, Nopalea could provide you some much-needed relief.

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