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Nopalea Ingredients

Since Nopalea Juice has become one of the leading health drinks on the market many consumers have been wondering about nopalea ingredients. It has quickly gained popularity as the go-to supplement for rejuvenating your body and losing weight.

There are individuals who would like to try out Nopalea Juice but due to allergies they are unable to partake and enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer. The number of benefits available in this drink are massive and as you get older those innumerable benefits would help to get your body back to peak condition.

Nopalea Juice Ingredients

Nopalea Trivita

This is a list of Nopalea ingredients for those who are interested in what this juice contains and whether or not they would be able to use it:

Filtered water
Agave nectar
Grape seed extract
Raspberry extract
Strawberry extract
Cranberry extract
Apple extract
Apricot extract
Mango extract
Orange concentrate juice
Papaya concentrate
Tomato concentrate fruit
Kiwi concentrate
Lemon concentrate
Opuntia concentrate (Nopal concentrate) powder
Peach concentrate
Pomegranate extract
Green tea extract
Beet juice
Bilberry concentrate
Acerola cherry concentrate
Stevia extract
Guar gum
Natural flavor
Cherry powder
Xanthum gum

nopalea ingredients

As you can clearly see, this juice contains a vast amount of fruit extracts and other juices. This may seem like a lot but when you understand that the fruits and vegetables that are a part of this drink you will understand why it has so many health benefits in it.

If you have any allergies associated with any of these nopalea ingredients, it is best to consult a doctor as to whether or not it would be safe for you to consume.

Nopalea Juice Ingredients

This product called Nopalea is a miraculous and tasty supplement, extract from the Nopal cactus, which has in composition numerous antioxidants, many efficient nutrients, and more has natural sweetener from agave nectar.

These fruits are harvested and carefully preparations in order to maintain their freshness so that its properties scientifically proven to have the maximum benefit for those using it.

They are collected in the same old style how our ancestors collect it, then are ecologically packaged directly from Sonoran Desert. The drink is a combination of power nutritional compounds and of some flavors that give a delicious and pleasant taste.

With many years ago the inhabitants of Sonoran Desert have taken full advantage of the qualities and benefits of this Nopal cactus, which is the main component of this miraculous drinks. One main ingredient of Nopalea is declared concentrate of Cactus Nopal. This ingredient it is essential for obtaining of this special juice and of its properties and miraculous benefits.

Composition is obtained from these plants and contains Betalains of red and yellow pigments with numerous natural antioxidants. Nopal cactus found out in the Sonoran Desert contains all 24 of Betalains which are discovered until in present. And following the research it was found that these also contain B vitamins, phytonutrients amino acids, well as numerous minerals.

It is particularly important to know that this drink is unique because has Betalains in the component. Following the scientific researches have discovered that Betalains is part of rare groups of antioxidants and which of course are found in high enough quantities in this cactus.

This compound Betalains is completely absorbed by your body when consumed drink and ingredients Nopalea act immediately on your body where it is loose or unbalanced. The Betalains combats inflammation in your body, helps to cells hydration and quickly increases eliminate toxins of body, which as we know are the main cause of occurrences the various diseases.

Moreover ingredients Nopalea have in composition and the nutritional supplements that are added to the extract of Nopal cactus (the main ingredient of the drink) as well the nectar of agave (very good natural sweetener). These additional ingredients contribute to maximizing antioxidants of the main ingredient. Scientific researchs have unearthed that each of them have qualities that help to an overall promote of the health cells.

Extract of raspberry, of strawberries, from grape seeds, apple, apricot, of blueberries, orange juice concentrate, extract of mango, Papaya fruit concentrated , Kiwi concentrate, tomato concentrate, lemon juice concentrate , Guava powder, Opuntia concentrate powder, peach juice concentrate, of pomegranate (Punica granatum and the punocaligans), beet juice, essence of green tea, acerola cherry concentrates, are supplementary ingredients which can be found in this drink.

Moreover the drink longer has in composition and the enzymatic supplements that work as a catalyst which favors absorption of drink in the body as well to digest them. These enzymatic supplements contain Hemicellulase, amylase, cellulase, and the proteases (lipase, papain from phytase, bromelain from pineapple and papaya fruit). They are in addition to the compounds who are in drink that provides the product coherence. There are also and other components such as: natural flavors, guar gum, maltodextrin, dried cherry, gum Xanthum and the filtered water.

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