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Nopal Cactus

The Nopalea is a cactus plant that thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. It also blooms purple flowers during the winter which makes it nice to look at when everything else is covered in snow.

The Nopal cactus is a native of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, but it has also been known to grow in deserts in the South West area of Mexico and the United States. In addition to its beautiful bloom, the Nopal cactus is known for its paddle leaves and bright red fruits which are the main reason why it has become more popular in the recent years.

nopalea fruit juice

Nopalea wellness drink is a delicious blend of Nopal cactus which is full of antioxidant, Agave nectar, a natural sweetener and many beneficial nutrients. These are all fresh ingredients which are harvested carefully in the Sonoran Desert and then bottled aseptically to deliver lots of scientifically proven benefits.

This drink contains flavors which make it quite tasty, plus it also combines powerful nutritional and health enhancing compounds. For many years, the native people who lived in the Sonoran Desert have been relying on the healing components found in this wellness drink.

Nopal Cactus Concentrate is said to be the primary ingredient that is responsible for giving the Nopalea juice its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The concentrate is squeezed from the cactus fruit and consists of Betalains with powerful yellow and red antioxidant pigments. There are 24 Betalains in total and the Nopal cactus from the Sonoran Desert contains all of them.

Aside from that, the Nopalea fruit consist of 18 amino acids with bioactive phytonutrients, B vitamins and minerals.

Nopal Cactus Reviews

This cactus is prepared in the form of powder or pills, as these forms are most easily ingested. It is rich in amino acids (18 in number, in the form of protein easily digestible), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C and K) and minerals (copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron). Some studies have shown that this cactus reduces the absorption of insulin, after meals. In Latin America it is used traditionally to treat the hyperglycemia.

Because, an excess of insulin in the blood, cause hyperglycemia (level too high blood sugar), it helps to treat this disease. This ability to stabilize the blood sugar can be explained by the compounds of soluble fiber from this cactus (mucilage, gum, pectin). Some studies have found that supplements of Nopal (a low-carbohydrates herb) can produces a beneficial effect for patients with diabetes.

nopalea fruit juice

The diabetes is a serious disease and patients should not take any medicine, such as those based on Nopal cactus in order to treat, without consulting your doctor or diabetes specialist.

This herb could calm the gastrointestinal pain, preventing gastric ulcers, treat benign prostatic hypertrophy, heal faster the local wounds of skin (like Aloe Vera). The studies that have given positive results are not numerous and were carried out on animals.

In India, it has been used to treat whooping cough and asthma. Mexicans use this plant as a day cream, after expose themselves to the sun, anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch marks because they think has beneficial properties in this sense, but also anti-aging effects (although these properties have never subject of scientific study). The oil from this cactus (moisturizing and nourishing), is stronger than argan oil. The risks and side effects There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates that this cactus help to weight loss.

Very few scientific studies have been conducted to demonstrate the numerous properties, which in most cases are just assumptions. Besides this the lack of scientific validity, it has no counter-indication. If you consumed products from this herb in dry powder form, drink at least one glass of water for do not risk a possible intestinal blockage (is a powerful antidiarrheal and constipating).

Its only side effects could be probably rare and light gastrointestinal problems, because it contains a lot of cactus fibers. Nopal cactus used in diets Though there is no doubt about the numerous properties beneficial for health of this, there is no the undisputed study which to assert with certainty that it helps to weight loss.

We will not can advise you to rely or not on different slimming pills, which contain extract from this herb, and that will promise to get you to lose weight. A thus of dietary supplement is also the Nopalin from Calivita conducted in the form of tablets that contain dried strain of nopal. Calivita is a company with reputations in this sense.

However, you can try products which contain this plant to see if this information about its benefits are true for you (especially if appetite suppressant effect is efficient on your body). However, if you are diabetic or if you are trying to control the amount of sugar in the blood with Nopal, remember to consult your doctor first.

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