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Betalains Found in Nopalea Cactus Vital For Natural Health

Nopalea is the flag ship product from Sonoran Bloom produced by trusted neutracutical company TriVita.

Nopalea Cactus juice has proven results that can benefit pain and inflammation. The key is the unique antioxidant
Betalain. Betalains exist in a wide variety and each one completes a specific need in human health by supplying structure and function to every human cell.

The Nopal Cactus has been widely used for centuries for its medicinal purposes. Sonoran Bloom reveals Betalains
hold the key. Betalians are a rare antioxident found in three vegetables;

Nopal Cactus fruit

Rainbow chard,
Nopal cactus.

Only Nopalea’s concentrated juice derived from the Nopal cactus has all 24 betalains. Betalains are what gives Nopalea its superfruit status.

Nopalea works at the cellular level rejuvinating cells. The mineral balancing effects of Betalains work to maintain
a 2:1 ratio of minerals: potassium inside the cell, sodium outside the cell; magnesium inside the cell, calcium
outside the cell and so on. This maintains the integrity of the cell wall and keeps the cell from dying prematurely.

Nopalea is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Helps control blood sugars naturally and has shown benefits
to people suffering from Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Psoriasis, Cholesteral, premature aging, allergies, asthma
and much more. The scientific research studies available conclude the many benefits Betalains provide.

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